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I'll have some additional gun photographs posted here soon, so check back often to see the latest firearms that have been built and delivered.

There are some really unique and beautiful guns to be seen soon!

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10-4  I'm cutting 2 Southern Mountain Rifle stocks and have a spare one which will be built in .36 WHEN I GET TO IT. It will be a while for sure, but if you're interested in the .36, you can reserve it. It has a gorgeous piece of wood in it, so it'll be a special little gun to enjoy for many years to come. I'm behind in orders, as always, but working as hard as my health will allow to get all this stuff built. The Lyme disease has made me tap the brakes a bit on my workload, but I'm gaining speed!

8-21  I have 2 new guns photographed and posted which have been delivered. I posted these because both were really pretty guns, a 12 ga. English Game gun and a Wilson 36" barrel gun with REALLY pretty wood. Go to Dan's tips to see the pictures and click link "New Guns photographed and posted".

As of 7/28, shipping price has increased to $65 except for short versions of Northwest guns. FedEx used to have a length limit of 60 inches for "oversize" packages. My boxes are 59" and they just decreased the length limit to 48" and extra charges.

SOLD! I finished up a Southern Mountain Rifle a while back with interchangeable .36 and .45 caliber barrels.  The gun comes with 2 barrel pin removal tools, 4 brass touch hole picks,  .36 & .45 cal. cleaning jags and a range rod for shooting in a non hunting situation. Click here to see new Southern Mountain Rifle. july 17 smr   A GREAT little gun~

11-10 SOLD! I have a used Northwest Trade gun in 20 gauge available now. 36"  barrel, right hand, reduced price.  Used N.W gun pics.

 A BRAND NEW offering now available is the David Crockett Rifle lock. Click for photo> CROCKETT LOCK

UPDATED 4/19/2017 I have 8 new guns photographed and pictured.  Built a NW "canoe gun" wth 24" barrel (SOLD) and jug choked it. Got "before and after" choking targets posted with gun pics. Go to Dan's Tips page, then click Daily Weekly update page to find link to new  page.  ALSO just got a new Northwest Trade gun with custom work posted. Go to Dan's Tips to get link to page.

I just got in some more 12 gauge barrels and some RIFLED .62 calibers, (which are 20 gauge size bores). These barrels will fit any of the large contour English Fowler pattern guns, so if you're looking for a turkey gun and large bore rifle combination, these will fit the bill! Can get these built fairly soon! Call for details and options. 

11/7 SOLD! NORTHWEST Trade gun, built in a 24" version. Right hand, nice figured stock. Have it finished and  pictures are posted. I also test fired it before and after jug choking so I've got those pictures posted also...interesting!

 SOLD! I had a French Type "C" come in for sale! It's iron mounted and in VERY good shape as far as the stock condition is concerned. I've put a new barrel in it and will offer a warranty for it since it's in such good shape. I'm also selling it at the old price, since it is not factory new.  The lock and barrel are refinished to factory new! Can also have sling swivel fit-up added if desired.  Can also be JUG CHOKED for $95. The furniture has been re-blued and there are no worn spots in finish. Very nice gun! $2,295.          Click here to see photographs!

 I've got extra .36 and a .45  caliber barrels for the Southern Mountain rifle. I've started building this rifle with interchangeable .36 and .45 barrels. You can purchase gun with either or both barrels. I'm going to dress it up nicely with some incised carving and engraving, so call now to reserve this FINE little rifle!!! The .36 can use the large size of common buckshot, so you'll never have to mold balls!

SOLD! For sale a .36 caliber lady's rifle which my father built for my mother back in the 1960's.  Click here for link to page.

Sold! Left hand English Fowler with flashguard - More info.  >>>

​Sold! (2) English Game guns with Marble Cake English Walnut stock - More Info. >>>

12-11 SOLD!- Price Reduced!  Customer in ill health and would like to sell his unfired #6 David Crockett Rifle.  

 NOW! $12.500!​   Photos of the Crockett #6 >>>

​Please call if you have any questions concerning delivery dates, options and prices. 

New printable version of Warranty Safety Use manual on FAQ, Contact or Price list and Order pages.


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