4-29  SORRY guys! I've been really busy building guns... and MAYBE doing a little fishing? A man's gotta go when they're hitting so I'm just doing my duty! Have about 5 guns finished to photograph (all sold and delivered) and post so stay tuned. Pretty nice stuff.

For Sale 4-29 2 Getz .36 cal. barrels A Trans. 38 inches. with flare tang breech plugs. $325 each.

For sale-4-29 1-20 gauge  octagon (12 inch) to round 41 inch English fowler barrel. With English fowler breech plug., $250, can jug choke for $95.

4-29 SOLD! Sorry guys, I sold this a while back but have just now updated the listing. Wilson, right hand with 41 inch barrel. I have the stock cut and all parts in stock in case you want a kit or assembled white gun a little sooner. 

4-29 For sale I have a right-hand 12 gauge English fowler stock cut. It's not built, but have everything in stock for the build. Call for delivery time, but it's a slight delay because of prior orders to fill. Kit, assembled white or finished. Decent wood.

As of 7/28/2018, shipping price has increased to $65 except for short versions of Northwest guns. FedEx used to have a length limit of 60 inches for "oversize" packages. My boxes are 59" and they just decreased the length limit to 48" and $10 extra charge per ship.  

 A BRAND NEW offering now available is the David Crockett Rifle lock. Click for photo> CROCKETT LOCK

UPDATED 2/15/2017 I have 12 new guns photographed and pictured.  I have 5 others photographed yet not posted (been BUSY), so stay posted. Go to Dan's Tips page, then click Daily Weekly update page to find link to new  page.  ALSO just got a new Northwest Trade gun with custom work posted. Go to Dan's Tips to get link to page. 

 SOLD! I had a French Type "C" come in for sale! It's iron mounted and in VERY good shape as far as the stock condition is concerned. I've put a new barrel in it and will offer a warranty for it since it's in such good shape. I'm also selling it at the old price, since it is not factory new.  The lock and barrel are refinished to factory new! Can also have sling swivel fit-up added if desired.  Can also be JUG CHOKED for $95. The furniture has been re-blued and there are no worn spots in finish. Very nice gun! $2,295.          Click here to see photographs!

 I've got extra .36, .40 and a .45  caliber barrels for the Southern Mountain rifle. The .36 can use the large size of common buckshot, so you'll never have to mold balls!

Sold! Left hand English Fowler with flashguard - More info.  >>>

​Sold! (2) English Game guns with Marble Cake English Walnut stock - More Info. >>>

12-11 SOLD!- Price Reduced!  Customer in ill health and would like to sell his unfired #6 David Crockett Rifle.  

 NOW! $12.500!​   Photos of the Crockett #6 >>> SOLD!

​Please call if you have any questions concerning delivery dates, options and prices. 

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