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Current Guns Available   September 12th,  2014

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Two new guns photographed and posted below, Sept. 12th.

Please note a price increase detailed below, effective December 2nd, 2013.

All prices below are WITH locks and include smoothbore barrel w/o rear sight. The Mountain rifle and the English Game gun are priced with rifling.

 Caywood Gunmakers 2013 price sheet, (effective December 2nd.)

                                            Basic Kit   Semi-fin.kit  Assembled white   Finished    

Northwest Trade Gun               $1,275      $1,395           $1,650             $1,850   

Wilson Chief’s Trade Gun        $1,290      $1,410           $1,665              $1,875

French Type “D”                     $1,495      $1,550          $1,775               $2,095

French Type “C”                     $1,595      $1,695           $1,995              $2,295

English Fowler                         $1,595      $1,695           $1,995               $2,495

Officer’s Fusil                         $1,695      $1,795           $2,195               $2,495

English Game Gun                  $1,695      $1,795           $2,195                $2,495

Southern Mountain Rifle            n/a         $2,050           $2,495                $2,995

French pistol                             n/a         $1,295           $1,450                $1,695 

Firearms highlighted in green feature 6 barrel interchangeable system. .50, .54, .58 rifled and 20, 24 and 28 gauge smoothbore. Extra smoothbore barrel is $295, and extra rifled barrel is $350 (breeched). Additional charges for fitting to drop-in status is $80, rear sight is $40, and barrel tenons/front sight charge is $35. 

The English Game gun comes in two barrel configurations. The large bore version has a 12 gauge and .62 rifled barrel system. The small bore version features a 28 smoothbore and .50 and .54 rifled barrels. Smooth barrels $295, rifled barrels $350. The English Game gun is priced with rifled barrel and sling swivels. (Subtract $100 for smoothbore versions.)

The Southern Mountain Rifle features a choice of .32, 36, .40 and .45 caliber rifle barrels. Additional  rifled barrel with tenons, rear sight and front sight installed is $415. Patchbox, brass or iron- $295

With the exception of the Northwest Trade gun, Wilson Chief’s Trade gun and Southern Mountain rifle, all of the above firearms can be fitted with either brass or iron furniture, all fully engraved. The only option on the Wilson Trade Gun is a brass or iron butt plate.

The English Officer’s fusil features a 37 inch barrel, palm swell, end cap and lug for bayonet.   Bayonet  is $125, fitted to gun. Sliding wooden patchbox for English Fowler pattern guns-$350

French pistol has interchangeable 20, 24, 28 smooth and .45 caliber rifled barrels.

All locks are $175 except Southern Mountain Rifle and English fowler are $195.

French Type “C”, Type “D” and Southern Mountain Rifle are right hand only.

Belt ax/tomahawk is $65 and flint knapper/turnscrew combination tool is $35.

Sling swivels are $50, fitted to gun with extra slotted tenon for the sling bolt to traverse.

Hand carved teardrop lock panels are $50.

Lock price increase; English Fowler and Mountain rifle locks are $195 and all others are $175 plus $10 shipping.                   

9-12-2014 Current Flintlocks in stock or ready for custom order specifications. SCROLL down page for lots of pictures of guns, just click blue links...                                                                                                               

9-12 One French Type "C" with gorgeous stump wood maple. I have the stock cut and you may place your order for this firearm, though it will still be a while before I will be able to complete and deliver it, due to my previous backlog of orders. My customers are very patient and I must treat them fairly, but you can still get this spoken for and if you'd like pictures of the wood, just give me a call. This gun can also be altered to a30 inch barrel gun and maintain the barrel interchangeability.

9-12 SOLD! I had an order for a French Type "D" and contacted the customer to confirm the specifications on the firearm. When I had all of his parts in, work done cutting the stock etc., he cancelled. So I have an extra gun ready to be built in a fairly fast manner. If you're interested, give me a call and I'll have it out the door in less than 6 weeks. It's a brass mounted, 20 gauge and can be jug choked for greatly improved performance of shot loads and round ball. I'm working on this firearm now and should have it finished in about 3 weeks or so. I'm doing it in my "spare" time so I don't delay delivery of previously ordered guns. I had a bunch of guns get in the way of finishing this piece and still don't have it stained. The good news is that if a customer wishes, I can still alter this gun to a 30 inch barrel for a super handy woods gun. I can jug choke the barrel for superior shot patterns and it will still shoot round balls exceptionally well. Of course it still maintains the barrel interchangeability! Give me a call if you're looking for a gun for this fall's hunting season and I'll get the stain on  it!

9-12-2014  I now have French pistol kits in stock.  Choice of curly maple or (one only) beautiful colored English walnut  brass or iron furniture in  20, 24, 28  gauge smoothbore. 

6-17 I just finished a very special French Type "C". For the complete story of this very special project, please go to the "Daily Weekly Updates" page and read the latest post.

 I just finished 4 or 5 guns and photographed two with some special work on them.  One is a left hand English fowler with stump wood and the other is a premium maple stocked Southern Mountain Rifle with nice carving, accents and engraving.                                                                              

Copper accent Southern Mountain Rifle

September 14 left hand stumpwood fowler

                                                                  Copper Accent French Type "C"

4-29 I just finished up and delivered two 12 ga. English Game guns, one right hand and one left hand. I didn't have time to photograph the left hand one, since it was in a hurry for turkey season. The right hand gun is posted below.  I also finished and shipped a beautiful English walnut, Wilson Chief's Grade Trade gun. The English walnut stock is considered a piece of marble cake walnut and the colors in this piece are just beautiful. I didn't stain the wood since it is sometimes hard to beat Mother Nature. I just sealed the wood and applied numerous coats of hand rubbed varnish to accentuate the natural beauty. The customer also ordered a special brass trigger guard which added a lot of color. It is also posted for you to enjoy. 

                                                                        April 2014 English Game gun

                                                             Marble cake English walnut Wilson Trade Gun

3-7  I've got a new Southern Mountain Rifle, built for a service member,  posted below. It has a curly cherry stock,  brass patchbox, end cap and clad-in-brass thimbles. I did some carving and a little engraving on it for a member of our armed forces. I sure appreciate his service to our country and try to do something extra for those guys who put their lives on the line for us!!

                                                Curly cherry, brass patchbox Southern Mountain Rifle

1-10 SOLD!   It  has some extra fine, premium, stumpwood maple. It's carved and engraved at no extra charge! Give me a call for details. Price $3,295. Priced $100 less than new gun and added premium wood charge.  I now have all the calibers available for this gun, .32, .36. 40 and .45. This rifle is well under 5 lbs.. With the beautiful stumpwood, this is almost a museum quality rifle!! Full lifetime factory warranty. I got the carving and finish work done on this rifle and posted the pics below. Hit the "Southern Mountain Rifle November" link to see the custom work.       

                                                            Southern Mountain Rifle November .htm

12-19 I just finished and shipped, hopefully in plenty of time for Santa's delivery, a fine left-hand Southern Mountain rifle. It has an English Sporting lock, a fine, engraved inlay on the cheekpiece and some brass furniture to really dress it up. Lots of carving and some special engraving help make this a pretty nice little rifle.

                                                   Custom, Left Hand Southern Mountain Rifle.htm

12-12 I got another .45 caliber Southern Mountain Rifle finished and posted. It's got a really superb piece of stumpy looking wood and it's carved and engraved. It came out pretty nicely. Click blue link for new pictures.

                                                             December 13 Southern Rifle .htm                                                       

11-7 The Southern Mountain Rifle arrived yesterday and it is a true beauty! It's got a great piece of stumpwood maple on it and is in near perfect condition. I'll get pics taken and posted tomorrow, so if you're interested, just give me a call for details and options.  See above for more details.

                                                              October 2013 Southern, carved, engraved.

                                                                   Long barrel Wilson trade gun

I have some extra .54 caliber rifled  barrels for Wilson or Northwest Trade guns. $350 plus charge for sights, lugs and spare ramrod. Give me a call and I can fit them up for shipment pretty quickly for hunting season. Also have .54 spares for French guns.

                                                                           54 cal. French Type "C"

                                                   Sliding patchbox 12 gauge and 62 rifled English Game Gun

                                                                            28 gauge French pistol 9-19

                                                                    Southern Mountain Rifle with peep sight.  9-19

                                                      20 ga. and .54 cal English Game Gun  8-19

                                                       August '13 12 gauge English Fowler  8-19

                                                                   Left hand Wilson with 30 inch barrel.

These two guns below posted have been delivered to some very happy customers in the last week! Click blue links to view the newest pictures.          

Just got another French Type "C" sent to a happy customer, just took me a bit to get the editing and posting done.


                                                                    Carved French Type "C" August '13

                                                            Custom carved .40 cal. Southern, June 2013 .htm

                                                                June 2013 English Fowler with patchbox .htm

                                                                                    Danny's Flintlock

4-24 Also have posted a beautiful 12 gauge English Officer's fusil which was ordered with bright barrel and lock. It was all hand polished and came out beautifully. It has a sliding wooden patch box in the stump wood maple and some additional carving and teardrop panels. Also has a bayonet for re-enacting! Below that link is a beautiful, left hand 12 gauge English Game gun.                                                       

2013 12 gauge  "bright" Officer's fusil 4-24-2013

2013 Left Hand English Game Gun in 12 gauge.  4-24-2013

                                               Bronze barrel, brass lockplate, 20 gauge French Pistol  Sold.

                                                                   Matching French pistols December

 See below for Danny's updated art pictures.

2-7 As some of you know, I'm also an artist in various mediums and had saved back some of my signed, numbered,  limited edition pen and ink prints done back in the mid 80's. I was smart enough ( yeah, I know, it's very surprising!) to set back 10 matched sets with matching serial numbers. There are 7 prints in the series; a very  large format mountain man with bobcat kitten, wild turkey in full strut, 3 raccoons, 3 cottontails, white-footed mice, bobwhite quail and a print of my son Cody, playing cowboy as a kid. The edition number per print was only 150  and only 100 with the wild turkey.

 I'm "tinting" these pen & ink prints using watercolor paints, which brings a beautiful depth and vibrancy to the art and still allows you to see the pen work.  I had these printed on heavy weight, acid free paper, for lasting value. The hand painted, matched sets will run $1,900 and there are only 7 sets left as of now. I have singles of some of the prints left, but have sold out of the turkey long ago and only have a few of the mountain man prints left. I'll be posting all of the artwork in the coming weeks, so you'll have an idea what they look like. Stay tuned and give me a call if you'd like more specific details on this very special, limited offering. I feel very lucky that this art wasn't lost in the unfortunate house fire, which got most of everything else I owned!

Danny's Art updated color prints 1-25

12-19 I just got an iron mounted  French Type "D" finished and photographed. I am also assembling a brass mounted French Type "D" that I'll also photograph to show the difference in the looks of the two firearms.  Stay tuned. Spent a little time over the weekend closing out our 3 day black powder season. Saw a lot of deer, but just not the right one. Got one more small season later and I'll hopefully have some luck then. Good luck to you out there and Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays. Cheers~

Iron French Type "D" 12/12

10-26-2012 I got another French Type "C" finished and photographed. Click on blue link below to see a bit of the custom carving.

2012 October French Type C

Fine English Game Gun

Matched pair of English Game guns with 12

Stump wood maple English Game Gun with sliding wooden patchbox

Incise carved maple stock Southern Mountain rifle

Carved walnut stocked Southern Mountain Rifle

English walnut stocked French pistol

Another fine stump wood maple English Game gun

                                               Bronze barrel, brass lockplate, 20 gauge French Pistol  Sold. 

 #7 Crockett Rifle,  SOLD! I have re-listed the # 7 Crockett Rifle now that we are through with this project. Comes with owner's name engraved on sterling silver plate inside patchbox and edition number of  7. Full Crockett Rifle brochure is $18... Approximate delivery date for # 7 will be a year and a half, if ordered now...sold!

                                                                Crockett Rifle blanks 

11-29-2012 Check out the pictures of the #8 Crockett Rifle on Daily Weekly Updates page. The rifle was auctioned for $26,000!

  If you're looking for a fine flintlock (with an interchangeable barrel system!), give these fine firearms a look. I have a very-satisfied-customer-reputation, because every firearm is built as though its the only gun the customer might ever own. Give me a call and I'll be more than happy to answer your questions about which product will best fill your needs. I've got everything from .32 caliber to .62 caliber and 28 gauge to 12 gauge. Barrel lengths from 24 to 41 inches and about everything in between. All stocked up in user-friendly stock designs and fine premium wood. Cheers~


 Please go to "Daily Weekly Updates" Page to view brand new Southern Mountain Rifle. Click on Blue link "Travis Southern Mountain Rifle."


I just had a fine gentleman come in and pick up his new Southern this morning. I photographed it yesterday and at first blush blew out one of my 250 watt photography lighting bulbs! I had no choice but to continue the best I could, but the pictures came out o.k.. This gun has a great piece of stumpwood, brass patchbox, brass end cap and brass sights. And lots of engraving and carving! Click link to view~

July '10 Southern Rifle

I got another fine Southern Mountain Rifle finished and finally got pictures posted. Great stumpwood firearm!

GRAND PRIZE free gun


Scroll down the page to see MANY pictures of fine finished guns. Just click on the blue links and it will take you to the page.


I now have turnscrews and belt axes back in stock. .

I took out the new English Game gun this weekend to turkey hunt. It features a .62 rifled barrel and 12 gauge interchangeable barrel system. I jug choked the 12 gauge full and took a fine bird at 40 yards. I had a self imposed limit of 35 yards, but misjudged this guy and still knocked him flat. Not a single pellet in the lower neck or breast.

English Game Gun Turkey

I just finished and shipped a couple of southerns last week. Click the blue link below. I have just set up a photography studio and am learning the new camera and lighting system, so my pictures are not great but I AM working on it diligently!

Carved Type "C"

4-28-2010 I just shipped out this fine Type "C" and was finally able to get some good pictures. A new camera and studio light system took some diligence to figure out, but the pictures are pretty good, all things considered.

Give me a call for any special orders and get on the list. The wait time is running about 2-3 months behind right now, so plan ahead...if possible~


I'm now offering the Northwest gun in a shortened canoe-style gun. The gun is available in a 24" barrel version and will still retain our interchangeable barrel system. Call for the many options and choices!

I built a very nicely maple stocked English Officer's fusil with our 1,000th 20 gauge barrel.

Dear Danny ;

My Officer's fusil arrived while I was on vacation. I could hardly wait for my vacation to end to see it. We just got home and I was stunned. It is the finest firearm I have ever owned. The fit and finish is superb. The stock grain matched patch box lid is beyond belief in the figure and character of the stumpwood. This is going to be one fine hunting season.

Thanks a bunch, Wayne H.


1-29-2008 If you use the internet search engine "Google", just below Caywood Guns website are a couple of links for articles published in "GUNS" magazine. One article deals with the French Type ""C" and an English Fowler. The other article is on the Southern Mountain Rifle. Both have great pictures and text from an independent author. Great articles for free and you don't have to listen to my bloviating...

  See picture below for look at finished tomahawk!

finished tomahawk

Daily and weekly updates.

We are going to offer our Northwest gun in a shortened canoe-style gun. (PICTURED BELOW) The gun is offered in a 24" barrel version and will still retain our interchangeable barrel system. Call for the many options and choices!

 Look for Southern Mountain Rifle article in Oct./Sept. 2007 Muzzleloader Magazine and an article in "GUNS" which can now be "Googled".

1-9-2008 We are now offering an optional  patchbox ($200) for the Southern Mountain rifle. Click below for details

Mountain Rifle Patchbox  Now available! Updated 4-12                                                                                                                                                   

Below are lots of guns, WHICH ARE ALREADY SOLD,  which have been listed for sale through the years. I leave the pictures posted so you can see all of the various models I produce and also see the consistency of our work. I know that most of you don't live within driving distance of our showroom and shop, so at least you can see up close pictures which illustrate our inletting, fit-up, stock architecture and engraving. The best thing is to actually swing a gun around and get the feel of the balance and pointability of our guns. The next best thing is to sit at your computer and see a whole array of different guns I've built and delivered over the years. I do have a lifetime warranty and 100% money back satisfaction guarantee if you don't like your firearm when it arrives! That is something everyone can live with.

Fine pair of Southern Mountain Rifles

October Southern Mountain Rifle

Brass trigger guard Wilson

Jerry's Southern Mountain Rifle

2010 English Game Gun Turkey Deer combo

 .40 caliber Southern Mountain Rifle 

English Walnut Patchbox Fowler 

Cherry Officer's Fusil 1      Cherry Officer's Fusil 2

30 Inch Barrel Wilson

Carved Stumpwood Southern

Custom 40 caliber Southern

October English Game Gun

                                                                           Wilson English Trade Gun

20 gauge French Type C

                A powerful little 5 lb. hunting gun!! You won't believe how great this gun feels when put to shoulder....                                                                                       .45 Caliber Southern Mountain Rifle

                                                                      Premium English Fowler                                                                          

.54 caliber English Game gun w/patchbox

                                                                  Eng fowl stump and carved lock panels

 This gun will only weigh about 5.5 pounds, for you old fat guys, who are just like me....lazy! Finished and ready to ship. Can be jug choked for superb shot patterning. Also features the .62 caliber rifled barrel interchangeability. What a GREAT hunting gun!                                                             12 gauge English Game Gun 2007

Ihave supplied the gun below to the NRA for the benefit in St. Louis. Go to "daily weekly updates" page to see the entire package of goodies...This gun went for two and a half times it's retail value. A good thing to help in saving our gun rights.

20 gauge English fowler, vivid maple

12 ga. English Fowler 2007

                                                                                    French Type "C"

                                                                             24 gauge Northwest Gun

                                                                                    French Type "D"

                                                                            .32 Southern Mountain Rifle

                                                                           .50 caliber English Game Gun

 SOLD! One Southern Mountain Rifle in .36 caliber. This rifle features a highly figured piece of curly maple and will be featured in the August 2005 "GUNS" magazine. We are taking this show piece to Dixon's Gunmaking Fair in July, but it can be reserved by a customer deposit of $500. Iwill ship to customer as soon as we return from the show. The price on this factory finished gun with superb wood is $1995. Call for details and I will also post pictures as soon as possible.                                                         .36 caliber Southern Mountain Rifle

                                                                                 .45 caliber Game Gun 

                                                                              12 gauge curly maple blank

                                                                              English Fowler stump wood

                                                                            Left hand Northwest  Trade gun

                                                                                                       English Game Gun w/patchbox

                                                                            .40 caliber Southern Mountain Rifle

         Northwest Trade Gun

 SOLD! Cased matching French pistols. .45 caliber rifled pieces, these are stocked up in English walnut and fitted up with satin finished engraved brass furniture.                       Cased French pistols.

 SOLD! Number 5 David Crockett replica, $12,500. We have the barrel channel inletted and the picture of the stump wood blank pictured. Click to see raw blanks.                      Crockett stock                                                                                     

                                                                     Premium blank, 12 gauge English fowler

.                                                                              Left hand Wilson

                                                                     Blonde English walnut Fowler blank

                                                                                 French Type "C"     

                                                                                   English Game Gun                                        
                                                                               Stump wood Wilson                                                                                     English Fowler
                                                                                   20 gauge Wilson                                                                                                                                                             

                                                                             36 inch Northwest Gun
                                                                                Walnut Game Gun
                                                                           English Fowler
                                                                    French type "C" with brass lockplate.
                                                                            French pistols bronze barrels

 Dear Sir;

 I don't know of another superlative that adequately describes the magnificent piece of gunmakers' art that arrived a short while ago, today. The English fowler you built for me far and away surpasses my expectations.  Its true what they say: the best things are worth waiting for.    Fit, finish, execution and balance are all absolutely superb.  You weren't kidding when you said the stock was beautiful.  Stunning, might be closer to the truth!  I am totally blown away by the matchup of the grain of the patchbox to the stock.     The rifle's balance between the hands is perfect.  It hangs perfectly when held and aimed offhand.  I can hardly wait to get it out to the range for a sight-in session.  Unfortunately, that may have to wait for a few days.....job, and other unnecessary obstacles in the way.      I am kicking myself, now, for not ordering it with a matching 20-gauge barrel.  No matter.  A 12 gauge English Game Gun might make a suitable companion.  Could you build me one, as well?   That might ease the pain, a bit.

 In closing, allow me to extend my warmest thanks and gratitude to you and everyone else involved in the crafting of my superb rifle.  It is a masterpiece which I will be proud to cherish......and brag about endlessly to anyone who will listen.  Including my pal in Saskatchewan, who owns a Hatfield.  I think he'll be eating his liver, when he sees my Caywood. Sincerely, C.A. McKellar 

Thank you Mr. McKellar and all the other special people who take the time and effort to express their fine comments. We really do appreciate you and it makes our sometimes dirty job a little easier! Danny


Nice letter we received from another satisfied customer:

  My 12 gauge English Game Gun arrived safe and sound.

    To say I am impressed with this fine sporting arm is a gross understatement.  Awestruck might come a bit closer. 
    The stock wood is absolutely stunning!   Such exceptional depth and color in the figure throughout the stock's full length; it almost appears three dimensional.   If this is an example of some of the stump wood you currently have available, anyone who orders one of these stocks for their gun is in for a real treat.
    I am particularly impressed with the slim, classically elegant lines, balance and handling of the Game Gun.  "Lively", is the way
I would describe how it mounts and points.  Very light weight, fast and responsive between the hands.   It reminds me of a fine upland game gun.  Yet, with the power and versatility of the 12 gauge.          Perfect.
    As I know from using my .54 caliber English Fowler, the Game Gun isn't a delicate princess fit only to admire on the wall, either.  Quite the contrary.  There's steel behind that pretty face!  
I expect this diva will easily hold her own in the field against the best modern centerfire guns.  With our fall hunting season just getting into full swing, I don't think I'll wait long to find out.
    The quality of materials, plus the meticulous care and attention to detail evident in every part of this gun is a testament, not only to the skill, but pride of craftsmanship that goes into every Caywood gun.   Thank you.... Danny and everyone at Caywood Gunmakers for creating this one for me.   
    Signed.....with warmest regards:  A VERY satisfied patron.
"A Caywood gun is not only a feast for the eyes, but a pure delight to handle and shoot.   They truly are masterpieces of the gunmaking art.  I am very proud to own mine."

All factory finished guns come with full lifetime warranty and money-back guarantee if not fully satisfied.  Includes brass touch hole picks, pin removal tool, Warranty-Safety-Use manual.

Shipping-$50 ( to U.S. continental destinations only). Includes full insurance of product. Crockett rifle shipping included in price of gun.
                                                        GOOD SHOOTING!            

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