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That grin signals the disbelief at my good luck!

These are 2 Arkansas mountain bucks taken in one week with my .54 caliber English game gun. The one on the left was a 13 point and the one on the right was a 10 point. I couldn't believe my luck since I got one on opening day and the very next time I went out, got the other one from the very same ground blind. Yes, I used up my hunting luck for many years, but these bucks will go on the wall to remind me that you never know what will happen when you go out. And that .54 caliber round ball is pretty tough medicine for even mature bucks to swallow!!  These were the only two deer I saw that week, too!

Two Spring Gobblers at my sister's home on Grand Lake,  NE Oklahoma

View upriver (Kings River) from my fishing hole!

All factory finished caywood Firearms are lifetime warranted

DAN'S TIPS AND MUSINGS​   You can shoot round balls in your jug choked gun!  

​The host for this website, GoDaddy, has had issues and some of my photos have been corrupted, so you'll have to be patient until they get this error fixed. Thanks and keep tuned. I'll get some new guns posted as soon as they get it done.

11-11  I got about 10 more guns built, photographed and posted. Just click link below. Will try to get more posted soon!!

As of 7/28, shipping price has increased to $65 except for short versions of Northwest guns. FedEx used to have a length limit of 60 inches for "oversize" packages. My boxes are 59" and they just decreased the length limit to 48" and now have extra charges. Sign of the times>

I've FINALLY decided to start offering the David Crockett Rifle lock for sale due to ceaseless griping (all good natured of course!) by customers!! I got 2 Crockett Rifle locks done and have photographed one.  CROCKETT LOCK

Here is a new page (below) to see guns recently built and delivered. I'm just WAY behind trying to get stuff posted...have lots more guns photographed and posted!

I need to inform callers to PLEASE leave a message when they call. 

      I had a friend come in a while back and ask if I'd engrave his Henry "Yellow Boy" repeating rifle and put  a mountain lion on it, along with some other fitting engraving. I agreed to do the job and  got it photographed. Go to Daily Weekly Updates link below and follow to link for rifle photographs or click Caywood Chronicles link above.

  Also have a new picture posted of some hunting success of a customer from out west.  Click here to see the fine buck taken with a .45 Southern Mountain rifle!

Click here for new updates page, 2 more guns posted!  11-21   

Got  2 Mountain rifles, mounted bucks and white carp pics - August 11th  daily   update >>> New 20 gauge English Game gun

Just got updated jug choking pictures posted..WOW!

9-5I just got another really nice left hand Wilson in .54 caliber photographed and posted. Click link below to see it...fine stumpwood!

If you have any questions that are not answered on the "FAQ's" page or on any particular firearm which might be listed, please feel free to call me (870-423-4741) at your convenience. If you're planning on adding a fine new flintlock to your collection, please call me and get on the list so you'll have time to get new loads worked up and the gun sighted in BEFORE the season starts! 

​If you are not able to travel to NW Arkansas to visit the factory & personally handle & inspect the guns, visit the "Available Now"  page and see the many previously built firearms. Our customer's guns show the quality of fit and finish you can expect from any firearm built by Caywood Gunmakers. 
If you have had the opportunity to handle any of our guns, the stock architecture will be virtually identical in drop, pull length, etc. for that particular model. All Caywood firearms incorporate interchangeable barrel systems so that you can greatly expand the capabilities of a gun without having to buy another gun. 

Please check individual model pages to see the choices offered for that model. We hope you enjoy using the new simpler website and keep checking back in for the latest updates on guns, activities, fishing trips, hunting episodes and other items of interest to our "family" of friends out there.