David Crockett's First Rifle

 "I had by this time got to be very fond of the rifle, and had bought a capital one.  I most generally carried her with me wherever I went, and where they shoot for beef." This quote from A Narrative of the Life of David Crockett of the State of Tennessee, page 50, by David Crockett.

David says that he was carrying this rifle when he first met his wife, Polly Finley, at a reaping in the valley below Bays Mountain in East Tennessee.  He also tells of winning shooting matches for beef quarters with it and also of an incident where he is on a wolf hunt and finds his bride to be lost in some remote woodland searching for strayed cattle. In his autobiography this is the only rifle he singles out for discussion.  He tells of having to make the decision to sell the wonderful gun to get enough money to buy a horse so he could get married and begin farming.

When you see the rifle you will know why it made such a strong impression on a 17-year old boy and how only the affections of a lovely young woman could get him to part with it.  At age 48 when he wrote the autobiography he still singled out this rifle as one of his fondest memories of his youth.

Caywood Gunmakers is proud to announce the exclusive production of David Crockett's first gun.  The present owner, Mr. Joe Swann of Maryville, TN., has graciously consented to allow my company to recreate this beautiful piece of Americana in numbered, limited edition form.  The gun was originally built in .48 caliber and we will produce 100 guns. The owners name will be engraved on a sterling plate precisely fitted at the bottom of the patchbox recess. The plate will also carry the edition number.

3-18-2008 I have now delivered the #8 David Crockett Rifle to the N.R.A. for the annual convention in Louisville Kentucky, in mid May. It is a quite fitting donation because they are the greatest fighters for our 2nd amendment rights, crucial to all of our freedoms. The theme of the Crockett Rifle is "David Crockett Freedom Fighter". David fought for freedom his entire life, starting with freeing settlement lands for the homesteaders in Tennessee. His eventual downfall came at the Alamo while fighting for Texas independence. I have an extensive posting of photos of the #8 Crockett Rifle. Just click the link below. If you have any questions concerning the Crockett Rifle or the auction , please feel free to contact me here at Caywood Gunmakers at your convenience. As an added benefit , the Crockett Rifle comes with a hand-made hunting bag, with two horns, belt knife, double bitted ax, brass ball mold, hand turned screwdriver by master builder, John Barrett. Mr. Barrett's work is in high demand and is the perfect companion to the heirloom Crockett Rifle.

#8 Crockett Rifle


Caywood's Camp-Run-A-Muk

3-9-2006 I just shipped out the number 6 David Crockett First Rifle yesterday. The rifle came out beautifully and I hope the new owner is justifiably proud. I have actually built 7 Crockett rifles counting the shop example, so the work is getting better and better in the execution of the fine detail work and construction. The stock for the #7 rifle is cut and ready for assembly. It too is a finely figure piece of hard maple and should make for a splendid piece of art work.

Number six Crockett Rifle  3-20-2006 Here's the latest Crockett Rifle to go out. The customer was extremely pleased with his new #6 Crockett Rifle!

                                                                                                                                                                                             5-22-2006 #7 Crockett Rifle,  Delivery approx. Nov.-Dec 2006. The stock is cut and ready for final assembly and the extensive hand detail work. Exquisite wood should make this an heirloom quality collector's piece.

11-25-2003. I presented President George W. Bush with the Number 1 Crockett Rifle on November 10th. The President absolutely loved the rifle and is going to keep it as personal gift. I also presented him with the framed certificate of authenticity, ball mold, screwdriver, a hunting bag and pair of horns, by John Barrett. I hope to get a chance to shoot the rifle with President Bush sometime in the future... he's a little busy at the moment! It was a real thrill to meet the most powerful man on earth and get to talk to him. He is very down to earth and was really gracious and appreciative. The Secret Service was instructed to place me at the end of the line to allow the president more time to talk with me. I got to spend 4 or 5 minutes with him and have numerous pictures taken.

I was allowed to completely dis-assemble the original gun at the East Tennessee Historical Society Museum in Knoxville. It was an honor and thrill to hold this heirloom of American history knowing that David Crockett had carried and shot this very firearm. 

                   This gun is  built  exactly as it was when it was handed to David. 

Features;  46 inch swamped octagon barrel, four piece brass patchbox with reverse Indian head finial, fully relief-carved curly maple stock and sterling silver thumbpiece.  The gun has beautifully designed carving and stock architecture and will be a welcome addition to any collector of guns and Americana.

Using precise production methods to re-create the dimensions, the  look and feel of the gun you hold is virtually identical to the gun that David held.

 The numbered, limited edition recreation will offered for $15,500.  Edition sequence numbers will be assigned based on orders received. See below for options. All of David Crockett's first gun replicas will come with; a bag mold, fire-blued screw driver  with maple handle,  a framed, numbered certificate of authenticity, David Crockett's autobiography in soft cover, an aluminum hard case, a Native Sun Production video tape- Crockett's life and Daniel Boone's life, and a history of ownership document detailing all previous owners up to the present day owner, Mr. Joe Swann.  

We will customize the sterling plate and provide the matching numbered certificate of authenticity upon receipt of  $4500 deposit..  Please call for details.  Delivery of finished guns will be subject to a waiting period. We will give the customer an approximate time period for delivery upon ordering. 

In preparation for the upcoming Arkansas bear season, Danny took the first Crockett rifle to the range for test firing and sighting. Whoooaaaa, you talk about fun! The gun performed beyond our expectations. The balls were cast from the mold which is supplied with each gun and the sprues cut off with nipping pliers. Using 77 grains of 3fg Elephant powder, the gun shot almost dead center and elevation was perfect. I did not even change the sights. Watch the site for the bear pictures because the season  starts October 18th. I know David's rifle will do the job if the bear will do his! Click below for the pictures of the trip to the range.

 Crockett Rifle Test Firing
Bear Hunt
11-17-2003 The number 1 Crockett Rifle was presented to President George W. Bush personally by Danny and Mike on November 10th. Check the daily updates page for details and soon we'll have pictures. A bag and pair of horns almost identical to the ones below were also presented to the President. John also built those.
The number 5 Crockett Rifle is now available. Sold.
Crockett Production Steps
Click on pictures below for close-ups.

The stock cutting process- contouring, inletting and laying in the raised carving areas took twelve times longer than standard production guns normally take. The great benefit is the extreme consistency, accuracy and time savings to build virtually identical Crockett rifles!  
I now have a brochure for the Crockett Rifle and you can request your brochure by phone or mail for $18.
   The first Crockett rifle  (serial number 2) sold went into a 6 million dollar home as a center piece above the fireplace. The customer also purchased a beautiful bag/horn/knife combo by John Barrett to add to the great display.

  The wood on all rifles will feature premium figured wood. I  guarantee that your stock will be highly figured. You may also specify very  highly figured wood if you prefer it for your heirloom. Note the swamped profile of the rifle fore-end which is characteristic of early rifles.







I have just finished another rifle in the Crockett series and it is pictured by clicking on the link below. Customer chose browned barrel and bright screws for furniture.
Crockett rifle #3.

Danny fitting the sterling silver plate inside patchbox recess as the final step. You can really see the swamped fore-end in this angle.

F.A.Q. about David Crockett's first rifle.

1. Are these guns built one at a time? The guns are cut on an extremely accurate duplicating machine which exactly duplicates all dimensions right down to the the raised carving. This assures constant dimensions and positioning of all carving and inletted components.  By using this duplication system, the customer is assured that all dimensions will remain constant. Undertaking the production of  an exact replica would be virtually impossible using normal construction methods. The stocks are then meticulously assembled, contoured and detailed one at a time by experienced professional builders.

2. What options are available? The customer can specify either a browned or bright (hand satin polished) finish for the barrel.  Quality Locks Inc. has agreed to supply these locks for customer placement into the gun. Payment for locks will be made to Quality Locks, Inc.   The customer can also specify sterling silver or fire-blued steel for the maker's plate on the underside of the patchbox lid. This option may be deleted entirely for a discount of  $150.

3. How will the gun be shipped? The cost of shipping is included in the purchase price and includes a lockable aluminum gun case for protection of this valuable American heirloom. The shipping will be handled by Fedex and will be insured for delivery to customer address. If the gun is picked up at factory, customer will receive a discount for cost of shipping and insurance.

4. Can I get a custom display case? Yes, we will arrange for a custom case, according to customer specifications, to be built by The Trunk Shoppe. Call for details.

5. Can I get a bag and accessories? Yes, we have several sources for commercial accessories or hand made custom bags built to customer preference. See John Barrett page on index  page.

Bag mold and screwdriver are provided with
each rifle.  We have built a brass bag mold with curly maple handles for the set.
This new version of the mold is brass with curly maple handles and  matches the turnscrew. 

6.Why is the David Crockett gun more expensive than the regular production guns you produce?  The Crockett rifle is a limited edition gun which took two years to begin production. It is a fully relief and incise carved gun with fully engraved furniture. Controlling all of the materials required to build a top quality full-stocked gun requires extensive time and labor. To consistently produce  a documentary copy of an existing gun requires even more time and labor!  The precise control of our production systems and our knowledge of their execution allows us to present a product that would never be available otherwise. Being a limited edition gun, these collector's items will increase in value and allow much owner satisfaction and pride in the meantime.

7. Can the rifle be personalized? Yes, the sterling silver plate at the bottom of the patchbox recess will have the customer's name engraved on a beautiful flowing banner. The plate will also contain engraved information on the serial number, caliber and the inscription,

President Bush's personalized plate in patchbox recess.

Take a step back in time. Imagine being a young man,  walking into the gunmaker's shop, smelling of wood, varnish and smoke, sunlight piercing through the dusty confines. Imagine the excitement David must have felt when the gun was placed into his hands.  David had worked long and hard to afford a gun of this quality, to help him begin his adventurous life. As he stepped back out into the sunlight, with his moccasins pointing to the wilderness spread out before him, he finally had the powerful and beautiful tool he needed. David must have felt that he had truly arrived.     



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