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Patchbox/English Fowler/12 Ga. English Fowler/Game Gun /Officer's Fusil


optional Patchbox English Fowler 12 Ga. English Fowler   Game Gun
Basic Kit $200 $1395 $1475 $1475
Semi-Finished Kit $200 $1495 $1575 $1575
Assembled-in-the-White $200 $1865 $1975 $1975
Finished - Full Warranty $275 $2150 $2375 $2,375

The 12 gauge English Fowler is now available with a 20 gauge rifled interchangeable barrel. The fowler can be purchased with only a 20 gauge rifled barrel if desired. All guns listed above are with locks.

We now offer an Officer's Fusil which features the same fine fully engraved furniture as the English fowler, but also with the addition of sling swivels, palm swell, an end cap and bayonet lug. Prices below are for smooth-bored guns. The Officer's Fusil can also be ordered in 12 gauge/.62 rifled version. Socket bayonet is $75. The six barrel interchangeable system for the English Fowler and Officer's Fusil includes; 20, 24, 28 ga. and .50, .54, .58 rifled.

Basic kit                                              $1,495

Semi finished kit                                   $1,595

Assembled white                                 $1,995

Finished                                               $2,275                                                                       



Above guns are available in either right-hand or left-hand.  Prices are for nicely figured maple and smooth-bore barrels except the English Game Gun.  For a smoothbore without rear sight, subtract $70.  Sling swivels are also standard on the English Game Gun.  The standard English Fowler with octagon to round-swamped barrel uses AN INTERCHANGEABLE BARREL SYSTEM with these choices available:  20, 24, or 28 gauge smoothbore and .50, .54, or .58 rifled ( Rifling twist rate 1 in 54 inches).  The English Game gun utilizes AN INTERCHANGEABLE BARREL SYSTEM with these choices available:  .45, .50, or .54 rifled ( Rifling twist rate; 1 in 54 inches.) and 28-gauge smoothbore or 12 gauge/.62 rifled. Rifling twist rate in .62 rifle is 1 in 66 inches. 

LOCKS; All gun prices exclude locks.  Our complete line of guns are designed for use with the complete line of locks  produced by Caywood Gunmakers, Inc.  They come with a limited lifetime warranty, and are built to flawlessly withstand thousands of shots. The English Fowler lock (also for Game Gun) is $175.  Shipping for locks is $10. 

Both kits feature 98% inletted stock.  Barrel, lock and entry thimble are 100% inletted.  Pre-drilled holes in stock for tang bolt, cross bolts, barrel tenons and ramrod thimbles. Touch holes; drilled and coned.  Wood up-grades are available, call for details.  Safety-use manual, blueing or browning, stain and assembly instructions included.

Basic; kit will retain some cutter marks.

Semi-finished; kit has the following additional work done:  all cutter marks removed, lock panels shaped, comb-line shaped, wrist shaped, top of tang area to barrel channel shaped.  Trigger guard and trigger holes drilled.

Assembled; gun comes completely assembled with ramrod fitted and could be fired right out of the box after customer places lock of their choice in inlet.. Includes stain, blueing solution or browning solution and finishing instructions.

Special notes:  an additional charge of $70 will be assessed for fitting of second barrel on kits or assembled guns.  This will include installing barrel tenons -- front sight, drilling -- tapping tang bolt hole, drilling and coning touch-hole and shaping down tang to match wood.  A rear sight can be installed for $20 plus $15 for the sight.  If bore sizes are different, a second ramrod will be fitted to gun for $35, including parts.  The second barrel fitting for finished gun will be same as above, plus $20 for blueing, which totals $80.

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