These fine tools, a ball mold and screwdriver, are fine components to complete the Crockett Rifle experience.

Close up view of the reverse Indian head finial. The exacting details of engraving and carving are duplicated here in a pure piece of Americana and are a fine tribute to the skills of those artists.

This gun features a very fine piece of curly maple. One thing that is a bit curious is that even though the entire gun is carved and engraved, the side plate doesn't have a lick of engraving! Almost everything else is engraved, even the trigger guard bow and butt plate top finial.

the # 6 David Crockett Rifle - for sale for $12,500 from original purchaser.

Here's the hand polished, finely detailed Germanic lock which combines the finest elements of art and function. This gun is in unfired condition and ready for a new home. This creation is a historical document as well as a fully functioning firearm. Give me call for details and delivery times. Of course it is totally factory warranted and the silver name plate inside the patchbox lid can be personalized for the new owner.

Here's the fine combination of relief and incised carving behind the cheekpiece, a quite detailed but flowing piece of art.

The grace of this classic American longrifle is a testament to the skills of the early gunmakers who were supremely talented and artistic individuals. In researching these gunmakers, I found a commonality among them; many were religious and thought it sacrilege to sign their guns!

This gun is unsigned, though there are some details which point to a specific builder of that region and era.