Here are just a few examples of the testimonials received through the years.  Thank YOU!

Danny; I met the Fed Ex delivery man on the front porch when I got home the other day. Thank God I had a pocket knife with me, as I could not sign the paper work while searching for a knife in the kitchen. While I was pulling the packing out of the box, I did my best to ignore the gun within…when I took the time to look, even without the lock in the mortise, it was obvious I was looking at a masterpiece. I was very reluctant to take the time to put the lock in place, as I could not seemto take my eyes off this beautiful and unbelievably slim flint lock rifle.

After some moderate fumbling to insert the lock, I shouldered the gun for the first time…the sun seemed to ignite the stump wood stock, the figure was so spectacular. I was absolutely shocked at the lightness of this rifle; it was almost like the barrel was not in the gun yet… just what I had hoped for. The metal to wood inletting is superb, the lock and triggers just right for the gun.

All thing considered, I now own the prettiest, lightest almost dainty like .32 caliber Southern Mountain rifle I can imagine. I could not have asked for anymore quality, and then there were the goodies (barrel pin tool, touch hole picks etc), everything in top quality, well thought-out, superbly designed for function, and constructed with what looks like infinite care.

Thank you Danny !!
Dick C.

Dear Danny, 

It is Thursday the 4th of September and a day that will always have a special meaning to me the day my English Fowler arrived! To some this might not be such a special event but to me it has been a long time coming since I first set foot in your show room in Berryville 10 long years ago! I had been on vacation and someone told me about your shop so my friends and I stopped to look around just to pass the time of day. What I saw hanging on your walls changed the way I looked at black powder rifles I had a Hawkins kit gun in a percussion format as a teenager and loved to shoot it but it didn’t have the appeal that I was looking for. As a kid growing up watching Fess Parker portray Daniel Boone and Brian Keith in the Mountain Men left me fascinated with the allure of a flint lock smoke pole and now I was holding one of your guns wishing somehow I could get one. After I went back home to Texas I spent the next several months searching out black powder gun makers but I never found one that captured the beauty and the perfect handling qualities of your guns! Well in April of 2008 I was back through Berryville and I stopped at your shop and fell in love all over again with the beauty, and craftsmanship of your guns this time I had the opportunity to visit with you and decided to order a 20 gauge English Fowler. After going home I called you a few times and added things to the order including a .54 caliber rifled barrel, sling swivels, sliding patch box etc. Every time we spoke I became more appreciative of your desire to ensure that I would be happy as a customer! Your attention to detail was evident when we spoke and you always took the time to listen to my concerns and questions. As I waited for you to complete my gun I have spent numerous hours researching the history of these magnificent guns and as you had told me regarding the historical accuracy was proven time and time again! 

And now here I am looking at this awesome work of art feeling the superb handling qualities and observing the magnificent attention to detail and craftsmanship. I can’t see any place where the fit and finish are not perfect! My very good friend Keith is with me and as a trained engineer in the weapons industry he can not get over the finish work done even on the inside of the lock! High praise indeed!

It took just a moment to place the lock in its place and the trigger “pull” is beyond description. As a retired Texas peace officer with numerous hours in training of new officers with their firearms I do know something about the function of guns and to say that this trigger is fantastic is putting it mildly.

The overall appearance, quality and workmanship are of a true museum quality firearm! 

To say that I am happy with this gun would be absurd yet I can find no words to describe the joy that I have just by looking at this gun let alone handling it and I cant wait to get out to the field and start the sparks flying! 

As our forefathers were prone to name their rifles I have followed with tradition and named this beautiful work of art “Lillie Bell” after my maternal grandmother. I chose to name it after her because of her stalwart character she was a dependable hard working farm raised women gracious in everyway and always a Lady! I want to thank Caywood Gun makers for this wonderful gun and I will remain a customer for years to come! 

                                                          Completely Satisfied Customer,  Devin Hudson                                             

~I built a very nicely figured maple stocked English Officer's fusil with our 1,000th 20 gauge barrel.  We received a letter from the proud owner:

Dear Danny 

My Officer's fusil arrived while I was on vacation. I could hardly wait for my vacation to end to see it. We just got home and I was stunned. It is the finest firearm I have ever owned. The fit and finish is superb. The stock grain matched patch box lid is beyond belief in the figure and character of the stumpwood. This is going to be one fine hunting season.

Thanks a bunch, Wayne H..

 I received my new French Type "D" Fusil today and I want to let you know how extremely pleased I am with it. The workmanship exceeds my expectations and it will be something that I will be very proud to pass on one day. I do want to verify that the serial number is R28 0194. Thanks again for your hard work in producing such a fine gun. 
 Don H.

I received a package from a friend and customer today and wanted to share a little of it with you. Inside the package was a fine print of a mountain man with a caption underneath: "We are all travelers in the wilderness of this world and the best that we find in our travels is an honest friend".  Well put, with a fine piece of artwork which will hang in a prominent place here at the shop. Here is the letter included:

Dear Danny; I received my 20 gauge Wilson as scheduled. What an incredible surprise when I opened the shipping box!

The beauty, fit and finish was beyond my expectations. The stock is gorgeous, metal work fit and finish superb, and attention to detail very obvious. I have studied early American long arms since the mid 1960's so I am well aware of what I now hold! It takes time, effort, a conscious dedication to a craft and enthusiasm to produce a product that people can cherish for a lifetime.

With gratitude and appreciation for the pride of ownership you have given me,  Jim F.,  San Diego Ca.

~Jim, I just want to say thank you for your generous tip, beautiful gift and thoughtful letter. I don't make a lot of money in this line of work, but there is more to dedicating my life to this work than money coming through the door. You guys out there are awesome and I'm humbled.