First 3 shots at 50 yards from the first Crockett Rifle. I didn't bother to adjust the sights to go after a bear! This gun took a 400 plus pound Arkansas black bear!

"I had by this time got to be very fond of the rifle, and had bought a capital one.  I most generally carried her with me wherever I went, and where they shoot for beef." This quote from A Narrative of the Life of David Crockett of the State of Tennessee, page 50, by David Crockett.

​​All of David Crockett's first gun replicas come standard with a bag mold, fire-blued screw driver with maple handle, a framed, numbered certificate of authenticity, David Crockett's autobiography in soft cover, an aluminum hard case, a Native Sun Production video tape of both Crockett's and Daniel Boone's lives, and a History of Ownership document detailing all previous owners up to the present day owner, Mr. Joe Swann.  

We will customize the sterling plate and provide the matching numbered certificate of authenticity upon receipt of $4500 deposit.  Please call for details.  Delivery of finished guns will be subject to a waiting period. We will give the customer an approximate time period for delivery upon ordering. 

​​Features:  46 inch swamped octagon .48 caliber barrel, four piece brass patchbox with reverse Indian head finial, fully relief-carved curly maple stock & sterling silver thumbpiece. 
The gun has beautifully designed carving and stock architecture and will be a welcome addition to any collector of guns and Americana.
Using precise production methods to re-create the dimensions, the look and feel of the gun you hold is virtually identical to the gun that David held.
The numbered, limited edition recreation is offered for $15,500.  Edition sequence numbers will be assigned based on orders received.

THe caywood Crockett LOCK IS Germanic in origin, highly detailed

and a beautiful piece of art in itself!


With all fully engraved furniture, sterling silver thumbpiece, and extensive relief carving, this is a gun of great historic importance. I was allowed to completely dis-assemble the original gun at the East Tennessee Historical Society Museum in Knoxville. It was an honor and thrill to hold this heirloom of American history knowing that David Crockett had carried and shot this very firearm. 

This gun is built exactly as it was when it was handed to David!