The trigger guard is a straight rail style with medium size graceful bow and graceful trigger profile. The round double taper 30 inch barrel features an English fowler style breech plug.  This high quality firearm also comes standard with a nicely figured maple stock and is also offered in a round double taper barrel in 12 gauge/.62 rifled version.

The English Game gun has a palm swell and sling swivels as standard features.

The 30 inch 12 gauge fowler comes in at under 4.5 lbs.!

All English fowler pattern firearms are offered in right and left hand versions. The English Game gun weighs about 5 lbs. in .54 caliber.  Also available in 28 gauge smoothbore. I can also build this 30 inch version gun with the octagon to round barrel configuration which can utilize the 6 barrel interchangeable system. It's a little heavier version but gives the availability of using the 20 gauge barrel which can be jug choked. Lots of options with this gun folks!!

Optional sliding wooden patch box available for all versions, left or right hand.

Nice, curly maple, 12 ga. English Game gun 

Beautiful English walnut, combination 12 ga. Flintlock / .62 caliber PERCUSSION English Game gun

​​12 Gauge English Game Gun

​​​The English Game Gun features a double taper, 30 inch round barrel. This light powerful gun comes in .50, .54 and 28 gauge smoothbore in this barrel configuration. This gun can also be built in an octagonal-to-round version allowing the use of the 6 barrel interchangeable system. This barrel configuration features a smoothbore as large as 20 gauge which can be jug choked for greatly improved performance with shot and round balls. Though it's a slightly heavier version, it does offer more versatility in bore choices.

The gun comes standard with sling swivels and a palm swell. This English fowler stock architecture is extremely shooter friendly resulting in comfortable all day shooting with no sore cheekbones!

All in all, it's a super fine little carry gun which will do the job on any game animal.

This gun also comes in a 12 gauge/.62 caliber rifled barrel configuration. This version also features a double taper round barrel for really large, tough game and of course in the 12 gauge version---weighs less than 5 lbs.! 


With all fully engraved furniture, sterling silver thumbpiece, inletted entry thimble and flat rifle style side plate.

The lock is 5.5 inches, with a large, flat water resistant pan and front and rear drains. It features a finely beaded round face plate, hammer and frizzen.