This sliding wooden patchbox lid shows meticulous care in matching the grain of the fine English walnut and sported a little decorative incised carving.

This is the interchangeable .62 caliber rifle barrel. The lock mimics a "conversion", which would have originally been done by sawing off the flintlock pan and fitting with a percussion hammer and drum.

The flintlock and 12 gauge barrel with standing oval. Note hand carved tear drop lock panels.

This is a marble cake, English walnut stocked English Game Gun. It was built with a12 gauge flintlock barrel and a percussion 62 caliber rifle barrel. The 12 gauge weighs under 5 lbs. and the .62 barrel weighs about 6.5 lbs, but is still a very handy weight.

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The engraved brass sideplate shows warmth and color to match the beautiful walnut. Note carved teardrop lock panels. It was a lot of work to do the finish on the wood and keep the carving clean and sharp looking. 

The percussion barrel with it's matching engraved sunburst.

The breech area showing incised carving and hand engraved sunburst.

The left side of the English walnut showing fine color and figure. This wood was so pretty that it didn't favor staining. It had many color variations and staining would have hidden the natural beauty.