Danny; The rifle was received yesterday, Monday. It is a delight to behold and handles with surprising light grace, particularly for a rifle of such large bore. I have always been partial to simple elegance, and this rifle epitomizes that characteristic. It is certainly a unique piece destined to glean lusting praise from all at my first event of the year at Ft. De Chartres in April. I hope to shoot it before the week is out. I am sure this is a rifle destined to earn a suitable 18th century sobriquet. Thanks for a superb product that has exceeded expectations. YMOS, G.S. Missouri

 The box arrived right on time this morning at 11AM.  It is simply a work of art Danny.  I am very pleased and happy I did this (happier that you did this).  I am very impressed with everything I've seen so far.  I love nice wood on firearms and this is as good as it gets.  You did an exceptional job on the wood to metal fit and also on the carving -- and I am comparing this with some well known European makers.  You also delivered it when you said -- something that doesn't always happen.
I've already had a chance to show it off -- but I'm sure this is only the beginning.  I know I will want to shoot it but right now I'm very happy just to feel it and look at it.
You  have sure made my vacation -- and of course many more to come.  If you ever need a testimonial just let me know.
Thanks again and please give my compliments to the rest of your team.

 My 12 gauge English Game Gun arrived safe and sound.
    To say I am impressed with this fine sporting arm is a gross understatement.  Awestruck might come a bit closer. 
    The stock wood is absolutely stunning!   Such exceptional depth and color in the figure throughout the stock's full length; it almost appears three dimensional.   If this is an example of some of the stump wood you currently have available, anyone who orders one of these stocks for their gun is in for a real treat.
    I am particularly impressed with the slim, classically elegant lines, balance and handling of the Game Gun.  "Lively", is the way
I would describe how it mounts and points.  Very light weight, fast and responsive between the hands.   It reminds me of a fine upland game gun.  Yet, with the power and versatility of the 12 gauge. Perfect.
    As I know from using my .54 caliber English Fowler, the Game Gun isn't a delicate princess fit only to admire on the wall, either.  Quite the contrary.  There's steel behind that pretty face!  
I expect this diva will easily hold her own in the field against the best modern centerfire guns.  With our fall hunting season just getting into full swing, I don't think I'll wait long to find out.
    The quality of materials, plus the meticulous care and attention to detail evident in every part of this gun is a testament, not only to the skill, but pride of craftsmanship that goes into every Caywood gun.   Thank you.... Danny and everyone else at Caywood Gunmakers for creating this one for me.   
    Signed.....with warmest regards:  A VERY satisfied patron.
"A Caywood gun is not only a feast for the eyes, but a pure delight to handle and shoot.   They truly are masterpieces of the gunmaking art.  I am very proud to own mine."

Dear Sirs;

 I don't know of another superlative that adequately describes the magnificent piece of gunmakers' art that arrived a short while ago, today.   The English fowler you built for me far and away surpasses my expectations.  Its true what they say: the best things are worth waiting for.    Fit, finish, execution and balance are all absolutely superb.  You weren't kidding when you said the stock was beautiful.  Stunning, might be closer to the truth!  I am totally blown away by the matchup of the grain of the patchbox to the stock.
     The rifle's balance between the hands is perfect.  It hangs perfectly when held and aimed offhand.  I can hardly wait to get it out to the range for a sight-in session.  Unfortunately, that may have to wait for a few days.....job, and other unnecessary obstacles in the way. 
    I am kicking myself, now, for not ordering it with a matching 20-gauge barrel.  No matter.  A 12 gauge English Game Gun might make a suitable companion.  Could you build me one, as well?   That might ease the pain, a bit.

 In closing, allow me to extend my warmest thanks and gratitude to you and everyone else involved in the crafting of my superb rifle.  It is a masterpiece which I will be proud to cherish......and brag about endlessly to anyone who will listen.  Including my pal in Saskatchewan, who owns a Hatfield.  I think he'll be eating his liver, when he sees my Caywood. Sincerely, C.A. McKellar

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