English Fowler Gun, more photos & history:

Governor Mike Huckabee's English Officer's fusil

Governor Huckabee touches off a shot getting ready for our turkey hunt. We didn't get a bird, but we saw some beautiful country and heard some stubborn birds doing what they do best...survive!

This is a left hand English Officer's Fusil built for Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee.

It featured a brass lockplate, sliding wooden patchbox, finely figured maple stumpwood and extensive raised carving.

It was built in 12 gauge version and choked for turkey hunting.

The guv was all smiles when he saw this beauty!

The standard Officer's fusil features an end cap, sling swivels & palm swell.

It has an optional bayonet lug and of course you can get a bayonet for it too, if you wish!  

It has the crossed scepters stamped on the barrel as a military marking, though this is a civilian dimensioned firearm with a delicate wrist and slim forearm.