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I don't normally pay any attention to internet chatter since I'm truly busy working my tail off to build firearms. However, I'd like to state that some of this stuff needs to be taken with a grain of salt and I'll give an example.  I was apprised of a negative situation by a customer who had run across this conversation and called to warn me. On one of the chat threads, a "customer" was groaning and making accusations that I was cheating him and stealing his money.  Another "contributor" ( who was not a customer and had NEVER dealt with me?) had gone as far as to say that it was obvious I was cheating people and that it would be better if people stayed away from me and didn't do business with me?  

If you had the patience to read through the whole thread, you would have gotten to the  point where the original dissatisfied customer apologized for his ranting and accusations, saying I was good man and had done what I said. He said that because I had done what I said I would do, which is what happens when you deal with this company. It may take me a bit longer sometimes than anticipated, but I always bend over backwards to make sure I have a happy customer.

It's not necessary to read any further, but I'm going to explain what went on and you can make up your own mind about the situations I face when dealing with a lot of different people.

This man had called me numerous times and I'd spent MANY hours on the phone, with him telling me detailed stories about his hunting experiences, camps, etc. I felt he was a very fine person and took an order for a firearm. I told him there was a $300 deposit on any gun order, but he didn't ever send it. Having spent so much time talking with him, I didn't worry about it too much.

I went ahead and started the construction of his gun when his order came up. I tried calling him, but got no answer. This went on for period of almost 2 weeks and after having left numerous messages concerning the order, I gave up and just finished the gun and posted it for sale. I sold the gun quickly and forgot all about it.

Months later, this very same customer who WOULD NOT answer his phone or return a call, called back and said he wanted his gun? I explained that I had repeatedly tried to contact him, but he avoided me? His excuse was that he'd had other problems ( which I won't divulge since it's none of my business) and had finally gotten back on his feet and could afford his gun now. He inquired if the gun was still  available, but I told him it was sold long ago and he said wanted to place another order. I reminded him that I had already taken his order and built it WITHOUT even getting a deposit and then he had avoided even giving me the courtesy of informing me of his circumstances?

I told him if he wanted a gun he should send the entire amount since my gentleman's method of doing business had not been respected by him. He sent a  check for less than half, but I WENT AHEAD and took the order anyway. As I worked through the previous orders, he began calling and demanding I get his gun built? I explained that I had to be fair to my customers who had ordered before him and would build his gun IN ORDER. Which is exactly what I did. It was somewhere near this point where the wailing began about me being a thief and cheating him. He began calling, threatening me, etc.. I still continued on building his gun and told him what the balance was due before I sent it. When he sent the balance due, I sent him his gun. At which point he went on the internet thread and admitted his false, premature accusations.

The problem with this sort of thing is that his false accusations hurt the reputation of a company which has excelled at building high quality affordable firearms and makes every attempt to treat people fairly. The good thing is that there were calmer headed people on the thread who defended me ( and I DARNED SURE APPRECIATE THAT!) who somewhat blunted his false accusations.

I can tell you one thing; I cannot make every single person happy because it's just human nature sometimes. Demands of people who don't know anything about my business or my principles of treating EVERYONE fairly only think of what they want and falsely make accusations. I have built over 1,200 20 gauge guns alone!!!! Yes, that's 1,200 guys! That doesn't begin to give a total since I make so many different calibers and gauges, but you can begin to get a picture of  the number of customers I deal with. And then I get one crowing about me cheating him??

So, if you hear things about me or anyone else, take it with a grain of salt and let calmer heads prevail. You just can't believe everything you read or hear!