Available 7-2

The brass engraved butt plate finial reflects the French influence also seen in the stock architecture, though the gun is of English origin.

The "beaver tail" relief carving surrounding the tang is also typical of trade guns from this era. A hand engraved starburst adds light and motion to this highly visible area.

Here's the finely detailed "dragon" sideplate typical of this era of trade gun. Note fire blued and timed cross bolts, tight inletting and crisp lock panels.

The lock was completely refurbished with new bluing and fire-bluing  of screws. It throws a shower of sparks!!

After re-staining, the stock was placed into the sealer tank for complete waterproofing. Once the sealer was dry, multiple coats of varnish were carefully applied for a beautiful finish.

The grace of the Wilson is apparent in these angled pictures showing wrist flowing into breech area. After sanding carefully to remove scratches, the stock was re-stained.

Full length view of the left hand Wilson Chief's Grade Trade Gun. This gun has been completely re-done to factory new status with a new 20 gauge barrel. I can jug choke it to customer specs if wanted and also add sling swivels if needed. Note low comb line is almost parallel with bore line for shooter comfort.