The butt plate and trigger guard finials match and the furniture is engraved with "grotesque" masks which were very typiclal of early French firearms. The thumbpiece is sterling silver and typical of that style of art for the period.

The French style lock and sideplate show grace and elegance not seen in most later guns. This gun dates from about 1690 or so, maybe earlier? Although hard to see, there is a fleur de' lis on the lock plate.

This angle shows the graceful flow of the wrist into the butt area.

The graceful acrchitecture of the French Type "C" is quite beautiful. With very careful stock design, you'll notice that the combline is down very low and almost parallel with the barrel. This results in a very comfortable shooting gun since the cheek bone is not in contact with the comb. The gun weighs a little over 7 lbs. with the 20 gauge barrel.

The French architecture is easily seen here with the curving wrist, comb and belly lines. The stock is in very good shape with only a few small dings. I don't believe this gun was used much at all, and is  covered by the full factory warranty.