The incised carving features lots of banner style scroll work and a rope style border on the cheekpiece flat.

The trigger guard bow features a whimsical, primitive style leaping deer. I had to draw about 25 practice images on paper to get it just right for that primitive stylized look. The oval bow is wrapped with a rope style border and banner style engraving similar to the incised carving.

 The gun features double lever, double set triggers, which means the hammer can be cocked with set or unset trigger and can be fired set or unset. The position in this photo is with the back trigger unset.

The full length view of this slim little Mountain Rifle. In the .45 caliber version, this gun weighs about 4.5 lbs. with it's 39 inch swamped barrel..

This rifle has .36 and .45 caliber barrels and can be purchased with either one or both barrels. The standard factory warranted price is $3,250, plus carving/engraving at $150 for total of $3,400. If you want the 2nd barrel, it adds, $450. Both barrels have the engraved starburst on the breeches. These 2 calibers are the most popular ones I've built through the years. The .36 is PERFECT for small game hunting and the occasional coyote that might cruise by. The .45 has plenty of power for whitetail deer hunting with proper round ball placement. Plus it's light as a feather for those long hikes in and out of the woods...especially when you're dragging a heavy buck! I didn't charge the extra fit-up charge of $85 for the 2nd barrel, so there's a discount for buying both barrels. The gun is completely sealed inside and out of course and has a lifetime factory warranty. Get ready for a great fall hunting season with a new rifle that will bring enjoyment for many years to come. Just give me a call for details.