Wedding band at flat/round transition and another narrower band further down barrel. The gun also features the high ribbed thimbles which are typical of this style.

Elongated oval trigger guard finials typical of Northwest Guns.

You can see the graceful stock architecture flowing into the butt area. I made sure the comb area was well rounded to keep any corners from causing undue recoil discomfort. You can also see the beaver tail butt plate finial on the brass butt plate.

Breech with "circle fox" stamp and raised beaver tail carving.

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Full length view of Northwest Trade Gun. The stock architecture on the Northwest gun is very similar to the English Fowler...and very shooter friendly. Note the low comb, which is running nearly straight with the bore line resulting in no unpleasant recoil to the cheek area. This is not a fancy gun, but a very elegant, solid gun nonetheless, with good lock sparking, it's ready to go to work for you! Can be jug choked, have sling swivel set up added and/or frizzen bridle chopped off for and earlier version, if desired.

The typical Northwest Trade gun "dragon" style sideplate.

The typical Northwest lock with bridled frizzen for extra strong durability. Note the "circle fox" stamp typical of this style of gun. This gun also features the large bow trigger guard it is so famous for. The trigger is elongated as per the correct style and I've got a nice crisp trigger pull for extra control and accuracy.