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Above;  First barrel inlets done for French model guns. It even perfectly cuts the inlet for the breech plug tang and the barrel tenons. At left side of cutting head, you can see post with a dummy stylus which matches the two cutters which turn at 11,500 r.p.m.'s. The two cutters turn in opposite directions to counteract the torque.

The orange "head" rolls back and forth on the large wheels and can swivel side to side and up and down, taking care of 3 dimensional cutting. Each cutter is sharpened and shaped to the size and shape of the stylus being used, so it matches the contour when cutting. I have matching stylus'/cutters in 3/4 inch, 1/4 inch, 1/8 inch, and 1/16th inch. The small cutters are sharpened about .003 oversized in relation to the stylus to make a perfect inlet for each part.

I also have special 45 degree cutters and special ramrod groove cutting tools for those special operations. It took me almost 8 months to build this machine, including the special 4 foot barrel vises and the 360 degree contouring vises. As soon as the barrel inlets are all done, I'll install the 360 degree vises to hold the stocks for contouring and inletting.


Stocks set in duplicating machine to begin the barrel inletting process.

NOTE:  See barrel mold at left in each picture.

Above are all the stocks after being profiled to the shape of each individual model, using the band saw.

Above are 24 raw blank stocks in the beginning of the process. I'm preparing to run them through the planer for thinning since I have already straightened the blanks on the jointer in the background. These weigh about 25 pounds apiece at this point and I will lift and move these blanks many, many times to process them.

Here are some pictures and information about the production process that goes into making every Caywood firearm:

 I'll be putting additional information and postings here so you can stay updated on the latest firearms built and delivered and also events that are going on!  You never know, I might actually catch a big fish and need to show it off, though there seem to be darned few blind fish in my fishing hole on the river! Stay tuned!

I just posted pictures of the #6 David Crockett Rifle and the ball mold and screwdriver which come with each rifle  >>>

 All factory finished  caywood Firearms are lifetime warranted . 

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