Here's the circle fox stamped N.W trade gun lock. These guns feature the longer trigger and oversized guard bow. This lock throws GREAT showers of sparks due to it's architecture and strong springs.

This angled photo shows the graceful wrist transition into the butt area, plus the simple beaver tail style butt plate finial.

These photos show the circle fox stamp on the breech with the sunburst and the pierced Indian head nickel. I CAN tell you that inletting that nickel with the piercings on a very steep curved surface was a meticulous job.

Here's the  typical dragon sideplate with fire-blued cross bolts. The gun features the hand-carved tear drop lock panels which was VERY typical on these guns.

 Here's a custom 36" barrel Northwest Trade Gun with a 20 gauge and .54 caliber interchangeable barrels. The customer sent photos of the tacking designs he wanted, so the design was as close as possible to what he wanted.

This shows the custom made "Cross of Lorraine" in sterling silver. The cross was made to fit the size of the area available and touched up with a few 5/16" brass tacks. The cross is held in place with 6 carefully made sterling pins. I also engraved a few lines for added effect of the cross.