D. F. Southern Mountain Rifle. This fine Southern Mountain Rifle has 2 barrels. Featuring a .45 caliber coned muzzle barrel and a smoothbore .47caliber to allow the user to use the same patch and ball combination. The trigger guard is engraved with customer initials and the nice maple stock has extensive incised carving to really dress up this fine little gun!

This is a new page where I'll put all of the new guns which have been built and posted. These guns are already sold and delivered. I just like to show the new guns which often have custom work, wood etc. done!  Just click each link below to go to the pages.

Custom 2018 Cross Lorraine N.W Gun This gun is a 36" inch model with 20 ga. and .54 caliber interchangeable barrels. The gun is "tacked" up for a little extra fancy look! Built in April 2018. 

 Left hand stumpwood Wilson. .54 caliber rifle

Northwest Trade gun >>> A nice right hand Northwest Trade gun with 41 inch barrel. Sold.

  Used N.W gun pics. Here's a gun which was resold and customer loved and also later bought an interchangeable .54 rifle barrel for.

Baldwin Northwest Trade gun. This is a 24 gauge with a 36" barrel with carved tear drop lock panels.

Dan's Left Hand Wilson >>> This was my beat up Wilson, which I re-furbished and sold. Shows the architecture of the left hand model very well.

 12 English  Game Gun with sliding wood patchbox.

epp wilson left hand This is nice left hand English Wilson Chief's grade Trade Gun.

  Photos of the Crockett #6 >>> SOLD!.

july 17 smr  Another very nice Southern Mountain rifle! Click Red title for page and photos.

 lou fowler  This is a nice 12 gauge English Fowler with upgraded premium maple.