Here's the lock and sideplate also showing the hand carved tearop lock panels.

 The turkey target shows the round ball group and shot pattern BEFORE jug choking. I used a rear sight taped to the gun to reduce human error on the unchoked group. The bear target shows round ball grouping and shot pattern AFTER jug choking. The round balls shot at least as well because I got this group without a rear sight. The shot pattern on left target was aimed at center of paper. The shot pattern on right was aimed at the bear.

Here's a fine little N.W. "canoe" gun, so named for it's short length which allows for easy loading while seated in a canoe.

 Here are the backs of the targets showing the pattern of the shot much more clearly. These were all shot at 30 yards. I used the exact same loads of about 70 gr. 2fg. for round balls and one ounce shot /equal volume powder for shot loads, and #7 shot. It's very apparent how much improved the jug choked target is.

This angled shot shows the graceful flow from wrist into the buttstock and also the softening of the hard edge of comb for shooter comfort.