​​dan's daily/Weekly Updates  2-25-22

Febrluary NEWS: I sold the building where my shop was located and have the new shop in operation. anyone who had a lock order, who hasnt been contacted, please contact me to re-establish your order and i'll get it built. Am working on about 10 locks right now, so Ill throw any orders in with this batch. I'll start filling gun orders soon too! thank you all for your patience!

​New Address; 2239 Hiway 143, Berryvillle, AR., 72616, 870-423-4741

I have had to raise my prices after 4 years of stability. I apologize for the change, but inflation is on a runaway

I had just gotten my new shop up and running enough to start building guns again, when my son took his life. Cody was 41 and had suffered physical and emotional issues from using steroids for about 10 years. He was a body builder and had been head of national sales for 2 different supplement companies. No one can say for sure what led him to make a permanent decision, but the health and emotional stress he suffered from prompted him to make a bad decision. I was able to continue working but had a lot of different things to deal with and I APPRECIATE everyone's patience...especially anyone who's had a long-standing gun order. I'm working hard to get guns built and I hope you all agree that the gun was worth the wait when its delivered. Life MUST go on!!Cheers~

A note to remind all who have a jug choked gun; YOU CAN SAFELY SHOOT ROUND BALLS IN THE GUN! I would never perform any procedure which would make a firearm dangerous either. Another one of the positive things about jug choking is that in a LOT of cases, it makes round balls group better. Thanks. 

4-9-20 I just got more guns posted. There's a 12 gauge English Game gun with sliding wooden patchbox. Another is a Wilson 36" inch barrel gun with really nice wood, plus plenty more new ones! Go to "Dan's Tips" page and scroll down to "New guns photographed and posted" and click link. 

 Just delivered a 36" barrel Northwest trade gun with 20 ga. and .54 caliber interchangeable barrels. It features a sterling silver "Cross of Lorraine" and extensive tacking. 2018 Cross Lorraine N.W Gun    Click this link for photos.

I've got a picture of a very nice buck I got on Monday morning. 2017 8 pt. buck

 Make sure your flint is SHARP before you load your gun! A new flint is NOT necessarily a sharp flint and you sure don't want it to cost you an animal after all the work it takes to get out there!! 

Due to customer demand, I've decided to start producing David Crockett Rifle locks for sale. The lock is 5.5" by 1" wide, with unbridled frizzen.The lock is Germanic style with a FINELY detailed frizzen spring. Go to Crockett page for a nice photo of the lock. The example shows a finely hand polished lock, though the commercial version will be in standard, fine-matte sandblast finish. Locks are $215...call now to order yours! Have a few locks built for your next fine longrifle!!

As of 7/28, shipping price has increased to $65 except for short versions of Northwest guns. FedEx used to have a length limit of 60 inches for "oversize" packages. My boxes are 59" and they just decreased the length limit to 48" and extra charges.    

SOLD! I finished up a Southern Mountain Rifle  a while backwith interchangeable .36 and .45 caliber barrels. I engraved a great little "primitive" deer on the trigger guard and it is pretty entertaining! New pics

 I've got a new page showing new guns built, photographed and posted so you can see the latest guns going out of the shop. Most have custom engraving, carving, wood etc. so there's usually something different to see! Just hit the link to new page below.

 New guns photographed and posted!  12 new guns posted. including N.W. canoe gun and targets.

2-14 I just got a customer's rifle finished with a kind of unique engraving job. He brought in a Henry Yellow Boy" which is a brass receiver, lever action rifle. He wanted a cougar on one of the panels, a banner with his name on it on the offside and some other border and scrollwork. I just got it finished and if you'd like to see it , just click the link...Engraved Henry "Yellow Boy" rifle


 Nov. 2016 English Fowler.  Nov. 2016 stumpwood English Fowler. 

 GET A PRINTABLE VERSION of my Warranty Safety Use manual!!!  You can find the link on FAQ, Contact and Price List & Order pages.

12 gauge jug choked>>>>>>>>

I got another English Game gun built, photographed and delivered. It's got custom carving and nice piece of premium maple. It's a 20 gauge which I jug choked full for turkey hunting and extra good roundball accuracy, too! 20 gauge English Game gun

 2 new Southern Mountain Rifles>>>I also got my 2 biggest bucks back from the taxidermist last month and got them hung in the great room. I also feed the fish in King's river from the deck. There's a wide variety of catfish, carp, various sunfish, bass etc. that hang out at the trough to get their daily "handouts". A very interesting fish showed up about 3 weeks ago, a mostly white carp. He's got all white fins and tail, a white stripe down his back, white scales and a snow white face and underbelly. His scales are as bright as new copper penny...quite an unusual, interesting and pretty fish! Greatroom bucks and white carp>>>

I got a couple of pictures from Kelley showing her turkey. I sent a picture of the turkeys and told all my buddies we used a pink flamingo decoy to lure in the gobblers.  They said they didn't believe me but I noticed that the pink flamingo company price soared overnight!  Pics & More >>>​

 Got a new photo from a customer who got a nice Colorado doe with his Southern Mountain rifle >>>

 I managed to get 2 fine gobblers this spring and one for my sister Kelley. I had to call one in for her too, since she fixes all my website issues and doesn't charge me!!  New page with pictures >>>

Just got another 12 ga. English Game gun with sliding wooden patchbox done and posted.  See this fine turkey gitter! >>>

"The Caywood Chronicles" new on the site. I'll post magazine articles from the past, hunting stories and all manner of (hopefully) interesting things for the followers of this site. I got the first posting of an article from GUNS magazine done and a few additional links of other articles.                                                                                                                       

I got a new page posted with photos of a knife I scrimshawed for President Reagan back in the 80's. That was back when I was actually able to see what the heck I was doing.  Reagan's Knife >>>

I've got a Northwest Trade gun finished and have photographs posted >>> SOLD. Have a new page:  Miscellaneous Tidbits, which has some jug choked targets and also some hunting with English Fowler pictures. Cheers~

I got another Southern Mountain rifle finished and photographed. It has .32 and .45 caliber barrels in the interchangeable  barrel system. It has nice piece of stumpwood maple, custom engraved trigger guard and iron patchbox. See this fine new toy >>> 

 I also posted a page on making ramrod thimbles if you want to wade off into the weeds to see how things are manufactured in-house >>> 

2 barrel  firearm with interchangeable 12 gauge/.62 caliber rifled English Fowler. It has very nice premium maple wood, carved teardrop lock panels and nice breech carving - See photographs >>> 

I also have a very nice, premium maple stocked Southern Mountain Rifle. It has a little carving around the inlaid sterling silver cheekpiece for added appeal. See photographs >>>  I

t's COLD here in Arkansas, so working in the shop doesn't seem such a bad idea! Glad I'm not working outside on the house trying to get it closed in!! Have done that before several times.  
I have a proposal to sell and transition my business to new owners. I'm only 60 and want to continue working for a period of several years at least. I'd like to make sure the new owner has everything well in hand to continue building fine firearms and delivering the quality you've come to  to expect.
 More Information >>>

July 16, just got a fine, left hand, stump-wood English fowler finished and photographed.  See Photos >>>

I just posted photos of the #6 Crockett Rifle. SOLD 

Price has been reduced!  >>>

 I finally got the lock sheet picture posted, the barrel work pictures posted and ALSO a beautiful marble cake English walnut, English Game Gun posted >>> 

It features an interchangeable 12 gauge flintlock and .62 caliber percussion rifle combination. It also has a sliding wooden patchbox, incised carving and hand engraved breech areas.

There's a list of firearms available (or at least stocks cut) that is now current, so you can see what's on hand, ready to build  >>>

If you have any questions on anything that's not answered on the FAQ page, give me a call.  CHEERS!

King's River is sure a beautiful river and I'm truly BLESSED to live on it. This early fall pic was taken about two weeks before I got my basement windows and door installed.

Here's a nice 3 lb. smallmouth I caught on King's River several years ago, before my hair started turning gray! He hit a 6 inch lizard soft bait and gave me a good fight. I just talked bad about his momma and turned him loose to fight another day!