Miscellaneous Tidbits!

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The results of a squirrel hunt using the English fowler. Mike had built a VERY FINE hunting bag and horn to use on the hunt which made quite an attractive arrangement with the harvested critters!

Mike, a customer from Missouri, recently sent me some pictures chronicling his latest adventures with an English Fowler I had built him. He took some very high quality pictures which I'd like to share with you.

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Here's a close-up of the English Sporting lock, highlighted by nice maple and hand carved, lock panel teardrops. I've already built Mike 2 guns and he has a 3rd on order and we're not telling the "boss"!

 Here are some targets sent by a customer who had me jug choke his 10 gauge barrel to full choke.  I believe these are the standard 30 inch circles used to formulate pattern density. I believe the loads were in the range of about 120 gr. 2 fg.. The shot load size is 1.5 oz., #5's and you can see the extremely tight pattern produced by the jug choke method. The second target is at 36 yards and still has plenty of pellet density to humanely take down a mature gobbler. If you notice on the first target at 30 yards, there is hardly a pellet outside of the circle. Thanks for sending these targets in Larry!