The breech carving features a double relief carved, stylized "shell" typical of English carving from that era.

Here are the loading blocks for the 2 barrel set. The left block holds 3 .54 patched round balls, 3 powder charges and 2 touch hole picks. The right block holds 3 powder charges, 3 shot charges, 2 touch hole picks and the dovetailed lid has room for all the cards to  load over powder and shot. Quite handy! At top is a knapping/turnscrew tool.

Dan's Tips

This English Game gun has a .54 and 20 gauge smoothbore interchangeable barrel system. i jug choked the 20 and it throws a beautiful pattern, even in a 30 inch barrel length!.

I relief carved the entire lock panels for a very distinctive look.

I ordered an extra wide stumpwood blank and slabbed off the right hand side so I would have perfectly matched grain and figure on the lid.