This jug choked  20 gauge English Game gun features a swelled palm, carved teardrop lock panels, premium wood and a rear sight. This is not a "typical" English Game gun since they normally had double taper round barrels for lightness. This one has octagon to round barrel configuration which allows the interchangeable system to be used. It adds a little weight to the gun, but it's still very light and well balanced. I think this one is going elk hunting in Colorado soon!

The trigger guard bow shows typical English style engraving with nick and dot borders.

The gun features the English sporting lock, with water resistant features and large flat pan for reliable performance. 

The breech area with custom carving, engraving and sterling silver thumbpiece.

This angled view shows the graceful wrist flowing into the butt stock area and the nicely figured wood.

The fully engraved side plate adds an  elegant touch to this English style firearm, along with crisply carved tear drop lock panels.