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                                                           Caywood Gunmakers Business & real estate for sale. 

I'm tentatively planning on selling the business and/or real estate where the business currently resides. I'm in no hurry since I'm only 62 and plan to work for many more years. My plan is to help the new owners transition into the business no matter how long it takes to achieve proficiency in building firearms and running the business. The business is set up to be  run by a minimum of at least 2 persons and can realistically employ additional semi-skilled employees to help in the lower skill tasks sometimes required of parts production. I'd suspect that given some firearm building experience, the acquiring of production skills would not be too laborious since the production systems are all built and running smoothly.  

The great advantage to this business is that it is set up as a production company with a set line of products. With highly accurate production systems, high quality of all parts can be maintained, which result in high quality finished firearms.

The business can be bought outright and moved or bought in conjunction with the real estate to secure a turnkey operation. This building also contains a very nice 3 bedroom apartment upstairs for the utmost in efficiency and convenience. The building is extremely energy efficient which aids greatly in reducing cost of operations. The location is on Ar. hiway 62 which is the only east/west hiway across this area of northernmost Arkansas, with high traffic counts and ease of access.

With virtually unmatched precision in stock duplicating, cutting and contouring fine 18th century firearms is efficient and allows large numbers of firearms to be produced in record time with no loss in quality. I bought new machinery including a lathe and mill when I founded this business and all of the drilling, bending, polishing and fabricating fixtures and jigs are built to withstand hard and continued use.

The lock production business is an entire, self sustaining business and can add immeasurably to the bottom line.

With an in-house wax injection system for the investment process, the production of castings is efficient and helps sustain inventory for the entire line of products.

I'm also willing to owner finance the business and/or real estate after an initial down payment to secure the deal. Any persons SERIOUSLY interested in discussing the possible acquisition can feel free to contact me for complete details and additional information.