Here's an angled  picture showing the graceful wrist, comb and butt area with the 6 inch lollipop tang running to the comb.

The delicate cross bolt sideplates feature blued head cross bolts to add nice color. This angled picture shows the graceful wrist flowing into the buttstock area.

Here are the 2 cheekpiece carvings on the guns. I also carve a border line on both sides of the belly line to accentuate the graceful lines to help give it an even slimmer look. Both guns have pretty nicely figured maple wood to enhance their beauty.

Here are the custom breech starburst engravings for both rifles. These are hand engraved using a hand held engraver and small chasing hammer.  I didn't photograph the toe plates, butt plate finials, trigger guards etc. which are pictured on all the other Southern Mountain Rifles on the website.

The fine little hardware store style lock at full cock, ready for business. The frizzen is open here to show the shape of the deep pan and coned touch hole.

Here's a fine stumpwood Southern Mountain Rifle in .40 caliber. The rifle weighs a little under 5 lbs.