Dan's Tips

This furniture and engraving is all typical of French guns of this era. Note matching butt plate and trigger guard finials.

A French Type "D", which is an approximately 1725 era firearm. The stock architecture of French guns feature a curving belly line, comb line and wrist for a very graceful and beautiful form. It is vitally important in designing the stock to maintain the low comb for shooter comfort. If the comb is high and angled upward, it creates pressure directly under the cheek bone which results in recoil pain. When the comb is low, it is way below the cheek and comfortable to shoot all day with no pain!!

The French lock features the fleur di lis emblem. This gun was relief carved with tear drop lock panels. 

French Type "D" trade gun.

The beautiful and typical side plate engraved with the classic boar/hounds chase scene.

The graceful stock architecture is apparent in this angled shot also showing the wrist flowing into the butt stock area.