Caywood Gunmaker's Price List.


                                                                                 Ordering and payment information

                                                            I still do business the old fashioned way; MY WORD IS MY HONOR!

I take orders based on a good faith policy and it requires all parties to abide by the agreement. If a customer wishes to place an order, please contact me at 870-423-4741. I will  take the order and give the customer an APPROXIMATE time that they can expect a firearm to be delivered. One of the unfortunate and enduring problems I encounter is the supply of barrel blanks, which is out of my control. Almost all of the parts in your "Caywood" firearm are made here in the factory and I do have control over those, but barrel blanks are an item I cannot control and it does sometimes affect my delivery times. I do my best to complete orders in a timely fashion and ALWAYS bend over backwards to insure that I have a happy customer when the process is completed.

I take all of the necessary information so I can compile the parts for your particular firearm. Contact information and shipping information, including e mail address will be noted for future reference. I require a $300 down payment, which will pay part of the barrel cost and help insure orders are honored. When I receive the down payment, I will send out a receipt, a letter of confirmation on the particular model of firearm ordered and a 26 page Warranty-Safety-Use manual. Once I have cut the stock for your firearm and built all the parts, I will contact you to confirm the specifications on your gun and give the final balance for payment. Once I receive the final balance, the firearm will be built and delivered within about one month.

One reason for the small down payment requirement is insurance for the customer. If I asked for half or the whole amount up front, the customer might feel I have no incentive to complete the transaction. When I only have a small down payment, it gives the customer some assurance that I AM working hard to build his firearm so I can pay my bills in a timely fashion. I also think it is the fairest way to treat a customer.

I have recently encountered situations  when orders have been placed and customers have not abided by the original agreement to pay the balance in a timely fashion. This creates a problem of course, because when I contact a customer for the final information, I have ALREADY built all of his parts, cut his stock and invested a substantial amount of time and money in his semi-custom firearm.

I have invested in a factory and business to manufacture high quality guns at a VERY AFFORDABLE price, something not easily accomplished. When customers fail to abide by their agreement, it does create problems for the company. Please keep this in mind while waiting for completion your firearm. I appreciate the fact that life is full of bumps, twists, turns and unforeseen difficulties; that is just life as we know it in this modern world. If  you feel that you won't be able to honor your order, please contact me as soon as possible so I don't invest in YOUR SEMI-CUSTOM ORDER to no avail. If you contact me for a temporary cancellation (or a delay which is fine), I will apply the down payment to your order at a later date. I also attempt to give the customer more for his money by doing additional free custom carving, engraving or maybe free sling swivels, when I have been treated with honor.

One thing is for certain, if you patronize this company, you will receive a very high quality firearm for a very fair price...I GUARANTEE it!