Caywood Gunmakers price list effective Jan. 5th, 2017.

                                                                        Basic kit  S.F. kit  Ass.White Finished

NORTHWEST TRADE  GUN        $1375  $1525   $1795    $1995

WILSON CHIEF'S TRADE GUN   $1375  $1525   $1795    $1995

FRENCH TYPE "D"                       $1625  $1700   $1950    $2250

FRENCH TYPE "C"                       $1725  $1850   $2195    $2450   

ENGLISH FOWLER                      $1725  $1850   $2195    $2450

OFFICER'S FUSIL                        $1825  $1950    $2395   $2650 

ENGLISH GAME GUN                  $1825  $1950    $2395   $2650 

SOUTHERN MOUNTAIN RIFLE    N/A     $2295    $2650   $3250

FRENCH PISTOL                           N/A     $1450    $1695   $1850

Models highlighted in green feature the 6 barrel interchangeable system; .50, .54, .58 rifled, 28, 24 and 20 gauge smoothbore, 41 inches long.

The English Game gun is built in a 30 inch, double taper, round barrel contour. The standard English Game Gun barrel configurations are .50, .54 rifled and 28 gauge smoothbore and the larger barrel contour system of 12 gauge/.62 rifled.

I now build a 30 inch barrel English fowler which has the 6 barrel interchangeable system, but with the octagon-to-round barrel configuration. I can also build the French Type "C" and "D" in a 30 inch version. All guns, except the Mountain Rifle, come with brass furniture.

Southern Mountain Rifle comes in .32, .36, .40 and .45 caliber rifled. Extra rifled barrel with lollipop tang- $415. Patchbox in brass or iron- $275

The French pistol comes in 20, 24 and 28 gauge bores.

The Officer's Fusil comes with palm swell, sling swivels and end cap. The English Game gun comes fitted with palm swell, sling swivels, rifled barrel and sights.

Sliding wooden patchbox- $275 on all English pattern guns, right or left hand.The English Officer's Fusil can be fitted with a bayonet lug-$45 and bayonet-$115 if desired. Percussion version of ALL English pattern guns is $100 extra-Right hand only.

Sling swivels- $50, hand carved teardrop lock panels- $60,

Belt ax- $65, flint knapper/turnscrew- $35.

Extra smoothbore barrel with breech plug- $295,  extra rifled barrel- $350.

Rear sight fitted to gun is $40. Second barrel fitting  to drop in status- $80. Front sight and barrel tenons on second barrel- $40. Extra bore fitted and finished ramrod- $35.

English Sporting lock and Southern Mountain Rifle lock- $195, all other locks $175. 

Jug choking $95 plus $25 shipping for standard shipping in continental U.S..

Shipping on one barrel guns is $50 with $10 extra for 2 barrels. Pistol shipping is $30.

All firearms are stocked in maple. The French Type "C" and all English Fowler pattern guns come with nicer, upgraded quality stocks since these are high quality gentleman's guns. The standard stain is a very nice medium walnut color with added red maple, yellow maple and ebony tints for maximum figure and grain enhancement. Any and all firearm stocks can be upgraded, based on the added amount of money the customer wishes to spend extra. Just ask for details when ordering.

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Danny took this bear, approximately 400 lbs., with the first Crockett Rifle built. The chase for an Arkansas bear lasted 7 years before this smart old bear came in at last light during the black powder season. With the sterling silver front sight glowing in the dusky evening, the ball was placed perfectly and the bear only made it about 30 yards! Don't think small caliber round balls aren't deadly! The Crockett Rifle is .48 caliber and uses a .47 caliber round ball! I did load for bear, using a double ball loading for a little extra pop, since I knew I was hunting a really big bruin.