with an emphasis on quality & precision, caywood guns manufactures semi-custom black powder firearms, such as muzzleloaders, flintlocks, fowlers, smooth bores, game & trade guns and pistols.

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 All of the right hand English Fowler pattern guns can be built in a percussion version. Those include the regular fowler, the English Game gun with 30 inch barrel, and the Officer's fusil. It is built to look like a conversion from flintlock which would have been the process taken to convert to percussion. I machine a drum and build it so that there is a stop inside the threaded hole, so that it can be completely sealed, like a mini breech plug fitting job. 

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This link will take you to  a page with links for information on; Jug choking, Barrel Quality Steel, Barrel Work, Touch-hole Liners etc.. I'll be adding new links for addtitional information periodically, so check back to see what's new. Jan. 22, new page on making ramrod thimbles.

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​​Whether you are looking for a firearm to shoot as a hobby, in competitive shooting matches, or even as a wall hanging piece of art, you will not find a better reproduction of the fascinating arms that played a major role in defining our proud American history.

is it a Working Firearm or a piece of art?

We hope you will understand that Danny is blessed with many orders (most requiring special options: personalizing, inlays, engraving, etc.) which he must devote his time to, so there is no e-mail contact for him until an order is placed.  

However, he's a much faster talker than typist, so please feel free to call Danny during regular business hours (CST) @

870-423-4741 with your questions & discuss options for your semi-custom black powder firearm.

Orders may take up to 6 months before they ship, but you can search our "Available Now" page for gun(s*) that are partially

or fully finished and can ship earlier.  *(Gun options vary)

CAYWOOD GUNMAKERS - 18 KINGS HILL ESTATES - BERRYVILLE, AR - 72616            PHONE:   870-423-4741

For over 46 years, Danny Caywood, owner of Caywood Gunmakers for 23 years, has been building semi-custom black powder smooth bores, flintlock rifles & pistols.

The precision and quality of Dan's work reflects his deep passion for the art of building these beautiful, fully functional and historically accurate black powder firearms.

Step back in time...our high quality fusils combine art and function to give you historically accurate and richly detailed firearms...

built for beauty, built to last!

Grab a Caywood and the Sparks will Fly!