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Eclusive Builders of David Crockett's First Rifle



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Welcome to the Caywood Gunmakers Web Page. The links below provide valuable information about our company, frequently asked questions (FAQ) and  We also have a (FAQ) section for the Crockett gun. Please enjoy our site. We hope that you find all the information you need.  OUR CURRENT DELIVERY IS 5-6 months (depending on gun) or check "current flintlocks available" below or call for delivery estimate. Two guns for sale listed now...
If you would like to place an order, please give me a call during normal hours, Central Standard Time.
Caywood Gunmakers,18 King's Hill Estates,
 Berryville AR. 72616 870-423-4741 


Grab a Caywood...


and the sparks will fly.


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Building for Sale  updated price 4-24-2013

Business Plan  5-8-2014

Company Information and Product Description updated 5-9-2011

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Current Flintlocks Available, 9-12-14

Daily and weekly updates! 9-12-2014

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Ordering and payment information.

Product Pictures  updated 10-1-2013

7-28-06 Knives,  tomahawk, turnscrew

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Davy Crockett's 1st Gun Replica Updated 7-20-2010

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Miscellaneous Tidbits 10-5-2004 Record book caribou!

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English Fowler Pattern Line Drawings of Engraving

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FAQ, updated 8-28-2009

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Lock Information updated 1-11-2010

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Crockett Frolic

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Working up turkey loads for optimum pattern density

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Mountain rifle updated 4-6-2005.PICTURESon current guns available page! Jug choking! 4-2-2004

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 Danny Caywood biography, updated  1-24-2013

Replica decorator fireplace artwork firearm musket longrifle 5-1-2008 Pictures up!

JUG CHOKING New info. 4-19-2010

President Bush and Crockett Rifle

Mike Church

Choosing a Gunmaker

Rifled barrel charge.

Gun barrel quality steel 4-6-2011

 Arkansas state shoot 4-9-2012

Berryville Shoot   8-27-2013

  Our showroom policy

Touch hole liners, faster?

N.R.A. discount information

Company Brochures not received

John Barrett, horn, bag and knife maker

Pricing 1-24-2013:
new prices on "current guns available page".
Southern Mtn. Rifle updated 1-30-2013

Northwest Gun updated 1-30-2013

Wilson updated 1-30-2013

Wilson English Trade Gun  (new pics. and info.)

English Fowler updated 1-30-2013

12 Gauge English Fowler updated 1-30-2013

Game Gun updated 1-30-2013

French Type "D"  new pictures!

French Type "C" updated 1-30-2013

French Pistol, available in kit form.

Shipping information: $50/gun for insurance and shipping.


....And the sparks will fly.  
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